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2010-2011 Monthly League

2010-2011 Monthly League

The first entry night for this years league competition takes place next Tuesday the 21st of September 2010.

Each TPS member can enter three images (or one or two if they prefer). It is a great way to progress your photography and it is well worth entering,

The rules are as follows:

Entries for the monthly competition will be on the second to last Tuesday of each month, with judging taking place the following week on the last Tuesday of the month.

There are 4 Divisions in the Club Competition





All members join the club as novices or intermediates (based on an initial grading) and are only promoted upon winning one section of the competition, or by gaining an IPF distinction.

Likewise, only members who win a section of the Advanced Division are promoted to Premier division

Each month, members submit up to 3 images for judging,
1 Colour Print,
1 Black and White Print and/or
1 Digital Image or Slide.

Prints must be bigger than 10in x 8in and mounted on mountboard no larger than 20in x 16in.

On the back of each print you should include:

Your membership number (this will be given out to all new members on payment of fees)


The title of the Print

Category (colour/Black and white)

All must be clearly marked on the back of each image in block capitals.

Digital entries shold be named:
Membersip number-Division-Print name.jpeg
e.g 09000-intermediate-Crystal Forest.jpeg

Digital images must be no longer than 1024 pixels on the longest side and be at 92dpi and emailed to: before 7pm on entry night.

Images can only be used once in the monthly competitions. Repeat entries will result in the disqualification of that image for the month

Any deviation from these rules may result in the disqualification of the image from that month’s competition.

Members can enter every discipline or just one or two. i.e. you may just want to enter the black and white print category, or just the colour print or maybe just the digital/slide category.

PLEASE NOTE … if an image contains any colour (selective colouring) it cannot be entered as a black and white, but must be entered as a colour, even if a majority of the image is black and white.

An impartial judge from outside of the club is given the images, which will be scored on a scale of 1-20 points. The total score for each member in that division will determine the winner of that discipline.

In the event of a tie within a section, the photographer whose individual print scores highest will be deemed to be the winner.

Over the course of the year, each member accumulates points and at the end of the year, the winners in each category will be decided.

Also, the overall highest points holder will be awarded “Photographer of the Year”