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TPS Outing – Tuesday, August 23rd

TPS Outing – Tuesday, August 23rd

This Tuesday, August 23rd, the Tallaght Photographic Society are staying at home!

This week features the Tallaght One-Shot Competition Live!
The rules are simple:

  • Meet at Molloy’s at 7.30pm
  • Photographs must be taken within walking distance of Molloy’s
  • Photos should be taken in JPEG format and should have NO POST PROCESSING!
  • Meet back in Molloy’s at 9.00pm where you can pick your best photo for submission!
  • Photos will be uploaded on laptop for immediate judging over coffee, drinks and a chat!

Of course when you get home you can process your images to your heart’s desire and post on Flickr for the usual weekly One-Shot judging!