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TPS Updates

TPS Updates

At Tuesday’s TPS meeting, were going to take a look at IPF Distinctions and what makes a successful Distinction panel.  I would like to ask all of our IPF distinction holders to bring in their panels if possible and perhaps to say a bit about how you put the panel together.

It is also One-Shot Competition time again.  This month’s theme is Excitement and will be judged by last month’s winner, Kevin Maguire.  For the first time one-shot entries can be submitted digitally on disc or USB key.  Kevin will view the images on the club laptop in private and choose a winner.  We can then view the entries and announce the winner who will choose and judge next month’s theme!

Ireland’s greatest Roller Derby team, the Dublin Roller Girls Vs Belfast Roller Derby and bonus bout, DRG Reserves Vs The Dockyard Destroyers at the National Basketball Arena, Tallaght.  Doors open at 1pm, the first bout begins at 2.30pm and the second bout is at
4.45pm.  Our very own Sharon Lunney (AKA Annie Cleave’er Bitz) is part of the DRG team.  This would be a good opportunity to try your hand at sports photography and Sharon has offered the following advice to anyone thinking of shooting the event:

“Hi all, just for anyone planning on attending the Dublin Roller Girls bout in the National Basketball Arena this Saturday here are some notes:

1)     I’ve checked with the teams and so far most who skated in the world cup found that they didn’t really notice flash photography, they were too focused on killing each other so you should be ok to use flash, just be prepared to put it away if it starts to bother some of the other skaters and you are asked by the officials.

2)     Roller derby is a fast sport so fast shutter speeds over 160th second – 250th second should do you to capture the action and a fast lens, usually with quite a wide aperture to capture as much light as possible and keep the audience somewhat out of focus, alternatively there are good opportunities for some panning shots keeping the skaters in focus and blurring the background.

3)     It’s played on an oval track and some derby photographers say the best places to locate yourselves are on either turn 2 or 4 from the start position as the best action such as hits and jammers breaking through the pack tend to occur here, and at the turn you can capture some great shots of the jammer skating a cross over which will capture a little bit of grace and movement in form.

4)     IMPORTANT!!! If you intend on taking pictures trackside, you can get within maybe 10 feet or less of the track, please be careful not to get too close to the track marked edge and certainly not on the track if you value your life and camera gear! if you are within 10 feet of the track please ensure you are happy with your insurance in case your gear gets
damaged (it does happen) and always be prepared to JUMP if a skater falls and slides off track towards you, she can’t stop any faster than the floor slide allows and skaters can on some occasions slide into the first row of the audience, that’s why they’re called suicide seats!

5)     Look up a Flickr group called ‘Roller Derby‘ to get some ideas on the shots that can be obtained, some of them are really amazing! Have fun and I hope you enjoy the bout if you’re going!”

Annie Cleave’er Bitz! f2.8