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TPS Outing, June 12th

TPS Outing, June 12th

Good times at last Tuesday’s outing to Blessington Lakes.  Although the sky was grey and the light was flat, the creativity of our members shone through and some great images were produced (see the TPS Summer Outing One-Shot competition on Flickr) and lots of fun was had.

For future outings, consider bringing along a small prop or two as if the weather, or location, is not inspiring you, an interesting prop might get the creative juices flowing.  At Blessington Lakes, Paul Slye brought some inspiration in the shape of steel wool, a whisk and a cigarette lighter and we got a smashing fiery light show after dark (do not try this at home folks!)

This Tuesday June 12th, we will head out to Bray for some sea side shots!  Meeting in Molloy’s car park on Tuesday evening for a 7.30pm start (so don’t be late).  Prepare for the weather and don’t forget your camera!