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Tuesday, February 9th – Still Life and Tabletop Photography

Tuesday, February 9th – Still Life and Tabletop Photography

Bring along your cameras for our practical meeting this coming Tuesday, February 9th, as we’re going to try our hand at still life and tabletop photography.  Please also bring along a few things to photograph!  You can choose an ornament or other item from around the house. 8289573120_bfe47ca353_o A child’s toy, a doll or teddy can make a good subject.  Try a close-up of a simple household item such as a kitchen utensil or something with texture like a cheese grater.  Experiment with off camera flash for dramatic lighting and shadows.  Most importantly, let your creative juices flow and have some fun!15745066424_622958741c_o

It is also one shot entry night with the theme of “Winter Weather” chosen by January’s winner, Ronan Kennedy.  The winner of this competition will pick the theme for March’s one shot and judge those images, so get your thinking caps on and have a possible theme ready!  Bring your entries along on a USB stick or email them to tpscompetitions@gmail.com

We’re meeting as usual in the Maldron Hotel from 8pm and everyone is welcome to come along!