Tallaght Photographic Society Treasure Hunt 2014/2015

The Tallaght Photographic Society Treasure Hunt is a fun competition open to all members of the TPS.  It is designed to encourage members to try various styles and types of photography and to promote artistic creativity.

Rules:  The below list comprises of 23 items to be photographed (in no particular order.) There is a prize for the first Society member to complete the list and submit their digital photographs on a USB stick or CD at the next available TPS meeting.  There will also be another prize for the TPS member who submits the most creative set of images.

The images must be numbered and titled as per the below list.  The start date for the competition is Tuesday, September 2nd 2014 and members must take brand new photographs specifically for this Treasure Hunt and should not use images that they have taken prior to September 2nd 2014.  The exif data of each image will be checked to ensure that no “stock” photos are used.

All TPS Treasure Hunt images must be submitted by April 28th 2015 so that judging for the most creative Treasure Hunt can take place.  The winner of the most creative set of images will be announced on May 26th 2015 at the TPS End of Season Party and Prize Giving night.  Good luck to all!

The List:

  1. Creative Still Life No.1: Flowers
  2. A Pet Portrait
  3. Landscape
  4. Creepy Crawly Close-Up
  5. Creative Still Life No.2: Multi-Coloured
  6. A Photo of someone at work/working (can be a candid shot)
  7. Sport Photography
  8. A Full Moon
  9. Creative Still Life No.3: Footwear/Shoes
  10. Blurred Water (slow shutter speed)
  11. Repeating Patterns
  12. Light Trails
  13. Seascape
  14. A Sun Set
  15. A Creative Portrait of a Relative/Friend
  16. Creative Still Life No.4: Googly Eyed Food
  17. A Street Scene
  18. A Kiss (can be staged or candid)
  19. A Creative Self Portrait
  20. Creative Still Life No.5: Household item(s)
  21. A Dinosaur (be creative)
  22. A Portrait of a Complete Stranger (no candid shots – must have stranger’s cooperation)
  23. No. 23 (must be a found 23)